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The Pack Shack emerged in 2013 from eight months of

conversations regarding the needs of individuals and families

within communities. During that time, we talked with and listened to

many people and organizations who have an interest in the

well-being of their neighbors. From those conversations, we were

tasked with the following actions:

  • INCREASE AWARENESS about hunger issues affecting communities.

  • PROVIDE FOOD and other items to nonprofits.
  • ENCOURAGE PEOPLE to get involved with the local nonprofits serving their neighbors.

OUR MISSION is to supply provisions and opportunities for our neighbors in need.

Here's what we mean:

  • PROVISIONS: Food, hygiene, and personal items
  • OPPORTUNITIES: Ways to combat root causes of poverty
  • NEIGHBORS: There's a rather famous story about the Good Samaritan. At the end of the story, the teacher asks this question, "Now which one was a neighbor to the man in need?" The reply, "The one who had mercy on him." The teacher instructed, "Go and do likewise." We like this definition of neighbor. That's why we tag #beneighborly in our Twitter posts, and it's why we named our app Be Neighborly!

​We believe the most effective and sustainable way to help our neighbors in need is to Be Neighborly!

What does it mean to "Be Neighborly?" Simply, four things:

  • KNOW your neighbors!
  • UNDERSTAND the challenges and struggles they face. Real people with families and hopes and dreams for the future. People who have a lot in common with each of us.
  • DISPLAY COMPASSION, a willingness to enter in to the struggles of others. So that we can be heroes? No, but because this makes us human, and we can agree that humanity needs a little more heart!
  • TAKE ACTION!​ A wise father once counseled his son with these words, "Your service to others is stored up for your day of need." And each of us will have a day or two of need in our lifetime!

Can we agree that a community of people who know each other and look out for one another is a good thing?!

Then let's each do what we can to make this a reality right where we are.

Today's the day. Take action.

Be Neighborly!