That's awesome that you're interested in hosting a PARTY! 

Please complete the following information, and we'll get in touch with you quickly! Or if you want to give us a call at 866.386.6354, that's great too!

feed the funnel parties are perfect for:

ANY GROUP: Businesses, faith-based groups, schools, civic & social organizations, sports teams, families, neighborhoods, fraternities & sororities, and more! 

ANY OCCASION: Team building, holiday parties, CSR activities, service projects, youth events, worship services, family reunions, birthday & anniversary parties ... really just about occasion!

ANY AGE: There's a job for everyone ages 3 to 103!


ANY TIME: It's always the right time to pack meals! Maybe Friday night. Sunday morning. Tuesday afternoon. Whenever! Let us know what you have in mind. We're flexible!


ANY PLACE: Your party can be hosted at just about any indoor location that makes it convenient and easy for people to participate. A gymnasium, cafeteria, conference room. Wherever! Just make sure you have some 6 or 8 foot tables to use for the party. Be creative!​


How many meals would you like to pack? On average, one person will pack 200-250 meals per hour, so a team of 50 people could easily pack 20,000 meals in under two hours! Please contact us to discuss your party goal.


Perhaps you'd like to add a Food+Drive to your party! This is a great way to increase the impact in your community. Feel free to talk with us about this, or ... just do it!

FUND THE party

Funding for your party is based on the number of meals you plan to pack. The expected contribution is just $0.25 for each meal. Check out our great fundraising ideas!

More Questions?

Be sure to check out the Funnelology 101 flyer for answers to many of our frequently asked questions. Or give us a call!