when: september 1-30, 2016
where: statewide using the be neighborly app

The truth about hunger in Arkansas

Arkansas consistently ranks at or near the top in terms of the percentage of our state's population that is at risk of hunger (food insecure).

  • 1 in 5 Arkansans are food insecure.
  • 1 in 4 kids in Arkansas face hunger.
  • An astounding 40% of Arkansas senior citizens are food insecure; that's the worst of any state in the country.
    (Learn more: Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, Feeding America)

Do these statistics shock you?!

The urgent need

There is an urgent need now to help Arkansas’ hunger relief organizations. Due to changes in the SNAP program (food stamps), many Arkansans no longer qualify for food assistance benefits. This is having a significant impact on hunger relief organizations across the state as thousands more people are looking for food assistance. Consequently, hunger relief organizations are in need of more food to help our neighbors in need. (Read: Food Pantries Need Donations as Thousands More Looking for Aid)

Wouldn’t you like to help fill the shelves?!

how to help: be neighborly

This is our opportunity to work together to help our neighbors in need! The Great Arkansas Food Drive will take place from September 1-30 during National Hunger Action Month. The goal is to rally thousands of people like you from across the state to purchase and donate pre-filled grocery bags to their choice of one of six Arkansas hunger relief organizations using the Be Neighborly app, developed by The Pack Shack. Yes! The actual grocery bags you purchase and donate will be delivered to the hunger relief organization you choose from these options:

Doesn't this sound easy?!

how it works

We've carefully selected products from reputable brands (ConAgra, General MillsTyson Foods, and Procter & Gamble for starters, maybe more to come) that are of high value to hunger relief organizations and put those products together in grocery bags of various values, from $15 to $49. Simply download the Be Neighborly app, then choose the grocery bag or bags you'd like to purchase and donate as an individual or as part of a team. After that, select the hunger relief organization to which you would like your grocery bag delivered. We'll consolidate all of the orders from across the state during the month and make one giant delivery to each of the participating hunger relief organizations in October. And we'll share the pictures, videos, and stories with you as we do it!

Why we're doing it this way

Well, for some really good reasons:

  • Providing products that are consistently sized, shelf stable, and not expired makes the job of sorting and shelving donations very easy for recipient hunger relief organizations.
  • Supplying products that support good nutrition (protein, fruits & veggies, grains, etc.) contributes toward the health of those receiving food assistance. Did you know that chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure disproportionately affect people with low incomes? (Source: CardioSmart)
  • Supporting brands that care about our communities and our neighbors in need encourages them to do more. (Read: Nielsen's article Doing Well by Doing Good as a starting point)

Doesn't this make a lot of sense?!

the be neighborly app

Getting started with and using Be Neighborly is easy!

  • Start a team (work, faith-based, school, etc.), then invite your friends to join you and work together toward your goal. You decide which organization will benefit from your team’s efforts.
  • Join a team that someone else started.
  • Purchase and donate a grocery bag as an individual. You select the organization to which the grocery bag will be delivered.
  • Spread the word using social media to encourage your friends to Be Neighborly!

Are you ready to join the Great Arkansas Food Drive?! Take the next step!

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