DOWNLOAD the Party Host Playbook

  • PEOPLE. Get your people pumped up about this awesome Feed the Funnel party!
  • TABLES. We'll need 1 table for every 5 participants. Rectangular tables work best, but we can work with just about anything!
  • SHIFTS. The typical duration of a shift is 1-2 hours, depending on the number of meals you're packing and how many people are helping. We'll work through these details with you.
  • NONPROFIT/S. Be sure to invite the nonprofit/s from your community who will receive the meals packed at the party. If you need help identifying a local nonprofit to receive the meals, we're happy to help you!
  • HELP. We'll need 5-10 people to help us unload when we arrive (about 1 hour before the party). And we could use some help loading up when the party is complete! Thanks!
  • JEWELRY. Please ask participants to refrain from wearing any jewelry that could end up in someone's meal!
  • ALLERGIES. We do pack meals that contain dairy, wheat, and/or soy.
we're thrilled about your upcoming feed the funnel party!

To make sure we have all the details in one place and to ensure that your party is at its peak level of awesomeness, please complete the following information about your party. Should you have any questions, please let us know! Thanks!

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