Live Fully Human

Fred Rogers, “Mr. Rogers” to most of us, captured the hearts, minds, and imaginations of individuals, families, and communities throughout his life. He did so through simple messages related in ways that children and adults alike could understand and appreciate. His oft-repeated message was clear and direct, “I like you just the way you are. Not for who you will become in the future, but for who you are today.” Young or old, child or parent, that message is essential for us to hear and re-hear often, and to share with others frequently. [Read more ...]


A question I’m asked all the time is: “How can I involve my on-site employees in the volunteer experience?” Maybe these employees work at a call center. Maybe they’re warehouse employees. Maybe they’re front-line employees in the field who just can’t leave their stations. So what do you do? Write them off as lost causes for participating in your causes? Of course not; talk about a recipe for employee disengagement. Instead of giving up on your “trapped” employees, you’ve got to get innovative about ways to include them in your company’s corporate philanthropy. [Read more ...]

When Employees Want to Volunteer But It’s Tough to Leave the Office

Sometimes, employees have the best of intentions but just don’t have the time or flexibility to volunteer. How can you engage all of your employees in volunteering so that everyone feels that they’re part of your corporate culture of giving back? Employee volunteer and giving isn’t a one-size fits all proposition, so the same “done in a day” experience that suits some employees to a T isn’t going to work for everyone, for reasons ranging from availability to interest. Successful volunteer programs offer a broad array of cause engagement for employee involvement, and this includes opportunities offered within the four walls of your office. [Read more ...]

the pack shack reaches 30 million meals

The Pack Shack, an Arkansas-based non-profit known for addressing food security through their signature crazy fun Feed the Funnel parties, has surpassed 30 million meals packed for people in need across the country since its inception in 2013. Over the past several years, hundreds of companies, faith-based organizations, schools, universities, and families have hosted Feed the Funnel parties, including: Tyson Foods, Walmart, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, Owens Corning, AT&T, KPMG, University of Arkansas, and The Ohio State University. Meals packed at Feed the Funnel parties typically stay in the communities in which they are packed to serve local needs. In some cases, meals have been shipped to serve people affected by natural disasters, including hurricanes Harvey and Maria. [Read more ...]