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WHERE THE meals go

Meals benefit people in the local communities where the meals are packed. If there's an excess, our partners share them across the US and internationally. We share non-perishable food items with local food banks and pantries, and money donated for fresh produce is given to local partners. [more]


HUNGER IN our area

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Arkansas ranks 49th

in overall food insecurity in the country with 19.4% of people being food insecure. Only Mississippi (22%) has a higher rate of overall food insecurity.

26% of children  in northwest arkansas 

are food insecure. This is well above the national average of 22.4% for child food insecurity.

35% of single mother households

are affected by food insecurity. Social factors including unequal opportunity for education and employment, domestic violence, inequitable wage compensation, insufficient child support, and lack of access to affordable healthcare and housing make it difficult for mothers to put and keep food on the table.

1/3 of seniors (> 60 years old) in arkansas

are food insecure. Reasons include financial hardship, lack of transportation, reduce mobility, and food deserts. 

45,000+ CHILDREN IN northwest arkansas

are at risk of hunger on the weekends and qualify to receive Snackpacks. Only 6,000 currently receive them due to funding constraints.

college administrators

are seeing more hungry students, especially at schools that enroll a high percentage of students who are from low-income families or are the first generation to attend college.

you can help! 

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Meals packed since we started: 1,141,374



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